Compositing Artist & Supervisor

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I am a compositing artist from Russia with over 10 years of experience in node-based compositing for commercials, broadcast and film.

Compositing for me is more than a job. It is a way of expressing myself through crafting images from many different sources. Every new project brings new challenges and opportunities for professional growth. I get my everyday inspiration from photography, film, graphic design and traditional art.

My educational background is in programming which helped me to develop algorithmic thinking so much needed for complex projects. But while I was getting my degree I realised that I love pictures more then code. I had to invest almost all my free time to learn computer graphics that time. It became a good habit as I continue to learn concepts and techniques.

From 2009 I had been working for the leading post-production studios in Moscow. And in 2014 I moved to London and joined the fantastic 2D team of MPC Advertising where I enjoy working and contributing to some of the best work in the industry.